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Surf the internet whenever you want, for as long as you want. Our "always on" connection offers the LOWEST latency and HIGHEST quality as compared to other alternatives. Point, click, you're there. No dialing, no waiting, no hassle. Plus, unlike other providers, you are not required to purchase phone service in order to purchase our broadband service.

The following features are standard on all of our internet plans:

UNLIMITED Data Transfer - No usage caps 

FREE Use of Access Equipment  

"Always on" Connection 

Multiple Computer Connections 

No Phone Line Needed 

Super Low Latency 

Fast Professional Installation 

Great Solution for Online Gaming 

FREE Technical Support 

No Hidden Fees 

Friendly Local Service & Support 

Environmentally Friendly

Residential Pricing
Commercial Pricing
Non Profit Pricing
Dedicated Pricing - Please call 859-274-4033 for pricing.